Every good holiday in France should involve an aquarium. We’ve done the fantastic one in La Rochelle, so it was time to try the one in St Malo. It looked smaller than La Rochelle, but the kids don’t remember to that level of detail so it’s gotta be worth a shout.

Anyway, the weather wasn’t brilliant at the start of the day, so something indoors seemed a good idea.

The Great Aquarium St Malo is another very good attraction. The kids loved it.

After we finished we shot off back into the centre of St Malo for lunch and another pop at a geocache there. Lunch was a success, the geocache wasn’t.

While we were there, we walked back through the old town and found the hair-braiding bloke, who was still there today, so both girls got the (apparently obligatory) French holiday hair braid. I wish I had a photo.

I did get some photos of fish though.

Aquarium_01.JPG Aquarium_02.JPG Aquarium_03.JPG Aquarium_04.JPG Aquarium_05.JPG Aquarium_06.JPG Aquarium_07.JPG Aquarium_08.JPG Aquarium_09.JPG Aquarium_09.JPG Aquarium_10.JPG Aquarium_11.JPG Aquarium_12.JPG Aquarium_13.JPG Aquarium_14.JPG Aquarium_15.JPG Aquarium_16.JPG Aquarium_17.JPG

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