We woke up to another grey and cold looking day. This time, the overcast windy conditions reached inland to downtown as well, so we both donned long trousers and long sleeved shirts before venturing out.

Breakfast was consumed at the apparently very famous Sears just up the road at Powell and Sutter, and once we were suitably stocked up on bacon, pancakes and coffee it was time to hop onto one of those cable car thingies and head off to prison for the main event of the day. After a further short break for coffee, and photographing seals at Fisherman’s Wharf, we jumped on one of Blue and Gold’s finest for the trip over to Alcatraz. A cautionary note to future travellers – if you take this boat on a cloudy windy day, don’t go on the upper deck, it’s cold.

SanFran_01.jpg SanFran_02.jpg SanFran_03.jpg SanFran_04.jpg SanFran_05.jpg SanFran_06.jpg

And there we were at Alcatraz ( www.nps.gov/alca/ ), one of the most infamous prisons ever built, and the setting for many a good film staring Clint Eastwood and Tyne Daly. I have to admit that the actual prison part was slightly smaller than expected, but we felt the self-guided interpretive tour was well worth the few pennies it cost to rent the headset. Our retrospective view of the place is further enhanced by the fact that Kev only took photos in black and white. Somehow the place comes out better in black & white, and it suited the grey and cold conditions perfectly.

SF_40.jpg SF_41.jpg SF_42.jpg SF_43.jpg SF_44.jpg SF_45.jpg SF_46.jpg

After the tour we toyed with the idea of walking round further bits of the island, but quite frankly, we were freezing, so we opted for the wimp’s option of catching the ferry back and engaging in some retail therapy at Pier 39 instead. This began with a jolly nice warming drink and lardy lunch, and culminated with Kas buying a silly hat in anticipation of us moving on to somewhere where there would be enough sunshine to justify an avoidance strategy.

SF_19.jpg SF_20.jpg SF_21.jpg SF_22.jpg SF_23.jpg

Next stop was that top tourist trap known as Lombard Street, or more specifically, that bit of Lombard Street that has the bends in it. Surprisingly enough, loads of other people were walking or driving down it at the same time as us. Most inconsiderate of them, spoiling our photos like that.

SF_24.jpg SF_25.jpg SF_26.jpg SF_27.jpg SF_28.jpg SF_29.jpg

At this point we reached a difficult juncture in the day. Too early to go back to the hotel, and too late to head off anywhere else of substance, so we plumped for a bus back downtown to investigate photographic opportunities offered by the larger buildings there. Obviously, any good photographic expedition needs to be meticulously planned, especially when you’re cold, so we renewed our acquaintance with the Starbucks organization ( www.starbucks.com ) at one of their many sites downtown. This one was in the shadow of the Transamerica Pyramid, and we were less than surprised to discover they had exactly the same coffee menu as the ones back home, although the selection of cakes, cookies and other foodstuffs was different.

The best photographic positions seemed to be the Transamerica Pyramid and 101 California Street. At the latter, Kas seriously asked a woman standing at the bus stop if she wouldn’t mind standing slightly further to her right, so that she was out of shot. Cheeky madam !

SF_31.jpg SF_32.jpg SF_33.jpg SF_34.jpg SF_35.jpg SF_36.jpg

Having satisfied our photographic desires it was sufficiently late to go back to the hotel for beer, snoozing and a clean up before heading off for a well earned dinner. This night we chose a retro-American themed diner on Powell called Lori’s ( www.lorisdiner.com ) just one block south of Union Square. It’s apparently very famous. What we remember about the place is some top notch American burgers and a room full of genuine bits of retro American icons. Once again the food was good and plentiful and the beer was cold and wet.

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