This was my first day out caching after our rather epic journey to the Algarve for our summer holiday. The weather was quite Algarvian though.

I chose to drive up to a loop on the way to Cambridge that had been sticking out like a sore thumb ever since I finished the Cambridge CacheAthon series the previous year. The series in question is the Elsworth Excursion, and it consists of 37 caches (plus 8 others not in the series) over a distance of about 11km. That looked like an easy afternoon, so I made it a bit more interesting by trying to pick up a few drive-bys near Papworth Everard on the way in. One of them was a challenge cache I’d had on my radar for a while.

The walk was pretty and not too long, but the main problem I had was that I’d forgotten to pick up anything to drink on the way out. I managed to acquire two quite small bottles of water at quite high prices from the pub in Elsworth as I set off, but they weren’t really enough to keep me going comfortably all afternoon.

By the time I got around to Knapwell, on the west side of my loop and about three-quarters of the way around, I was out of water and suffering a bit. Knapwell doesn’t have any pubs or shops.

Once I got back into Elsworth I availed myself of some further drinks from the pub before jumping back into the car and doing some more drive-bys on the road back to Papworth Everard. By the time I gave up, I’d found a total of 53 caches, which is not a bad afternoon out.

The caches I found on this day were :