What’s Goin’ On

Ah ! My final bash at the Cambridge CacheAthon series after previous previously doing two loops in April and two more in June.

This time I had the final loop to do, running from Comberton around to Coton and back. This section goes really close to the city of Cambridge and over the other side of the M11 for a little way.

On Part 2 I’d left the CM for the Baptist Church in Comberton. It was a multi that took me in the wrong direction (for that day). On this day I parked right next to the little Herbert. That made it was the first one I collected on the walking part. Ignoring a couple of easy drive-bys on the way in, of course.

Finishing the CacheAthon

Because of the way I’d cached on Part 2 I then had some way to walk to start the loop (about 1km, in fact). But once I got going it was like shooting fish in a barrel all the way around until I crossed the M11 and then came back again. I completed 35 caches in under 3 hours on this stretch and had barely broken sweat in doing so.

Once I got up into Coton it got a bit more tricky though. There were a number of puzzles here that I’d solved. Sadly, for one of them I’d failed to write down the correct instructions. I ended up having to phone Kas at home and get her to mail me a photo of some working notes from one of my notebooks. Thankfully she was in and the deed was done, but I could have missed it completely. The cache required some complex maths. You had to remember a part of that to be able to get the combination for a lock on a box fastened to the bottom of a fencepost. Quite a clever cache if you actually read the instructions properly.

There was little incident on the way back to Comberton, although because of the nature of the walk there was another long barren section to walk again before reaching the car, but I ended up back at my car after less than 5 hours having done 57 caches on the walk.

Quizzical Smile

I had a couple of hours left so I drove in the direction of Kingston to have a crack at the Quizzical Smile series and other outlying caches. On this stretch I completed another 22 caches to bring my total for the day up to 82. Marvellous.

The caches I found were :